Thursday, July 1, 2010

Bump Alert!

I've been talking to some of my childless stepmom friends online and asked them what phrases or words from parenthood irritate them the most. Here are a few of mine:

1. Playdate: I've mentioned this in previous posts. Since when did it become a date? It's worse when I hear kids say it, as if they are savvy enough to be scheduling social events on their calendars. Maybe they should have a special Toddlers/Kids section on to set up these affairs. It's a date!

2. Mommy Brain: Um, no. Lazy, forgetful--yes. (Okay, not always, but come on. Another way to use your parenthood as an excuse).

3. Bump: It's not a bump when you're pregnant. Bumps are like bruises you get when you fall down. On second thought... It's gross when celebrity magazines or entertainment news shows have a section on "Bump Alerts" or "Bump Watch," as if it's a national security issue. Does it raise the security level to orange? Pink? Blue?


Churlita said...

I agree with all of those. Since when did our lives become so structured that kids need to plan to go out and play? Weird...And Annoying.

Life of a Stepmama said...

Since I have a 3 year old SS I love setting up playdates with my other friends and their kids. Again I think its more for the moms than anything else!! Drove me crazy before having a child, but with my SS I love joining the little group! I do agree with bump, but what are some other names? It drives me nuts when mothers start talking in baby talk to their toddlers. Or call their kids really weird names that you would never think to call a 3 year old. My biggest complaint are the moms who act like their children are the best at everything. Drives me nuts

Junkgirl said...

Yeah, Churlita--it bugs me how planned out everyone wants their lives now. There seems to be no room whatsoever for spontaneity. And, anything you plan in L.A. is going to get cancelled because everyone is flaky here. But, they can't be spotaneous, either, so that's why I just stay home.

Life of a Stepmama--It's not the playdate I abhor; it's the word. Calling it a "date" just makes me feel creepy.