Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Soul Train

Pre-schoolers and/or kindergartners should not be referred to as "gentle souls." They're not. Even the tenderest among them is, in reality, a pint-sized pit bull stalling to release its teeth. "Old soul" is equally annoying. The only "soul train" I'm jumping on is conducted by Don Cornelius, not "Mombies."

Tales From the Dorkside

"You know what I like about you, Miss?" adorable 16-year old Eli piped up a few minutes before class started.

I never take much of what students say to heart. Teenagers are your best friend one minute (generally, before grading time), and your arch-enemy the next (generally, after grading time). But, Eli is a sweet, quiet girl, so if she's willing to talk, I'd better listen.

"What's that, Eli?" I implore.

"You're such a dork, Miss! You're so random!"

She was proud of her proclamation. She continued, "I mean 'dork' in a good way, because I'm a dork, too!"

I cherish this compliment more than any other I've received as a teacher. It's better than "You know everything" and "You're so weird," which are also both true statements about me, I might add.