Sunday, June 27, 2010

Recovery Continues

I am now on day 5 post-op and I feel swell. Swollen, actually, but I do feel fine. I stopped taking the percoset on day 3, as I just couldn't handle the nausea, dizziness, and headaches. My body was starting to adjust, but I didn't like even the slight effects or the sleeping all day. The worst part was that I wanted to read, but I couldn't because I felt seasick just when looking at the page. So, I stopped and haven't taken anything since Friday. I feel great--hardly any pain at all. I even went for a little walk today out to our "lake," and it is a weird thing to see a blue heron, white egret, and cormorant in urban Los Angeles. Cool, though.

The hard part about the last five days is that my stepson has been here most of the time, and he really has no concept of sharing time or that someone who has just had major surgery needs some quiet and attention. He has demanded most of my husband's time, and it's frustrating. It's not that I really need my husband--I've actually been pretty self-sufficient, even making my own breakfast and watering the plants--but sometimes when you're in pain or nervous, you just want someone there to wait it out with you. I feel like a slug who's strapped to the bed. I can't really do much and I can't drive to escape anywhere. I get fed at my "feeding times," but I have to wait until stepson goes to bed before I get much attention from my husband. They went swimming, to the movies, to tae kwon do, have played games, and I'm just sitting in the bedroom with my leg elevated and iced, watching "The Hills." Again. And then, BM had to call and monopolize DH's time to talk about schedules so he didn't hear me call for help to get to the bathroom. Arrgh. Even when I need some help, it's tough to get it.

SS will go to BM's for the next couple of days, then back here for two days before we have the weekend to ourselves. Then, next week--no camps and we have SS all week long. This could be very tough on my nerves and attitude.


Body Bag Girl said...

Poor wee thing :( I read your post on the forum and was pretty furious that your hubby isn't devoting more time to your emotional recovery as well as physical. Major surgery is a hard thing to get over and i don't think he really realises that. Have you had it out with him over this?

I hope you feel better soon luv!

Junkgirl said...

Aww, thanks, Body Bag Girl. DH was great yesterday--he paid a lot of attention to me. Since I've stopped taking the pain meds, I've been much less emotional, too. I don't know what it is about those narcotics, but they make me angry! I know it's a tough balancing act for dad's with their kids and wives, especially when they have demanding kids like our SS! Thanks for your well wishes!!

Churlita said...

hang in there. I hope you heal quickly.

Junkgirl said...

Thanks, Churlita! Hope you're doing well. I've got to catch up with your blog!