Friday, November 30, 2012

More Thrift Store Finds--It's About Time!!

Here are some cool items I've recently scored at thrift stores:

The first is a cool old Japanese Miyao Napco apple cookie jar and tea bag holder.  I found the cookie jar at a Good will in Redondo Beach for $4.99, and the tea bag holder in Waterloo, Iowa, for $8.00.  There are some chips on the cookie jar, but it's still in great condition to me!  If it had no chips, it retails for $150-$300 on ebay!  Not bad for $4.99!  (1940s-50s)

I found these cool vintage juice glasses at the House of Yaweh thrift store in Redondo Beach.  Bought all four for $2.00.  Circa 1950s.

This is a vintage (circa 60s?) olive green covered casserole dish.  I found this one at the Goodwill in Cedar Falls, Iowa, University Ave., for $1.99.  Love it!  Someone is selling a similar one on etsy for $40.

This is a Franciscan Echo pattern large serving bowl.  I found this at my favorite thrift store--Redondo Beach Salvation Army.  It was $4.99, and it is from the 1950s.  It is selling for about $40 online.

I honestly can't remember where or when I got this one.  It's a cool mid-century modern candle holder from Germany.  I just liked the colors and patterns.  Reminds me of a totem pole.

How could I pass these up?  These are Loretta Lynn ranch salt and pepper shakers I found at the Angel View Thrift Store in Palm Springs, CA.  I love them.  That's why I think I'm a very special person--because I can appreciate these like nobody's business.  Ha ha!  They were $1.99 for the pair.

This mug made me squeal with joy!  Mary Tyler Moore mug with the MTM logo and that cute little orange cat that meowed at the end of the show's credits.  I definitely remember this from my 1970s childhood, yet I can't find mention of this mug's existence anywhere on ebay.  It was $1.99.  Kind of expensive, but so worth it!

A 1970s Otagiri owl mug.  Same RB Salvation Army.  $1.99--valued online at around $12.  Not a huge find, but cheaper and cooler than the brand new owl mug I almost bought at TJ Maxx!

A vintage recipe box called the "Pantry Pal."  I got this in Mt. Vernon, Iowa, at an antique store, so I paid a little more--I think about $10.00.  I think it's from late 60s or early 70s--the colors and mushrooms lead me to that.  I've put my grandmother's recipe card for the Danish meat Rullpolse on here...note the highlighted ingredient:  saltpeter.  Where the heck does one get that?!

This adorable wooden pig is an hors d'oeuvres server.  It has little holes for toothpicks that hold tasty treats.  It has a sticker on the bottom that reads Pasadena.  I got it a a thrift store (can't remember which one) in Cathedral City near Palm Springs.  It was $1.99.  I've seen similar ones online for about $20.  I also have a pineapple like this--wooden with holes for toothpicks.  That means I have a collection, yet I hardly ever serve hors d'oeuvres.  Still, I think she's cute, even though the red lipstick on her "lips" is kind of creepy.

A cute starburst casserole dish from Goodwill in Cedar Falls, Iowa.  $1.99.  

A cute starburst milkglass vase from Cedar Falls, Iowa.  $1.00


Anonymous said...

i will give you a hundred dollars for that mtm logo mug

Junkgirl said...

I think I could part with the MTM mug for $100!! :)