Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Look Out, Brangelina! Here Comes Silie...or...Jumon

My wonderful significant other got me a subscription to Us Weekly last year. It is my guilty pleasure way of unwinding on Friday night after school. Looking at all the fashions, makeup, and gossip helps me forget my worries while indulging in someone else's. Mindless entertainment. Like Miranda on "Sex in the City" says about her favorite trashy celeb mag: "It's my thing. Get over it."

So, just the other day, my future stepson picked up Us Weekly and started flipping through it. My significant other (his dad) asked him which girls he thought were pretty. Five year-old stepson pointed to a picture of Kim Kardashian and said, "Whoa! She hardly has any clothes on!" Then, he saw a picture of Ben Affleck and said, "That kind of looks like my dad." (He's sort of right on that one. And, he was really right on the Kim Kardashian picture, too.)

Next, he said, "Let's find a picture that looks like you, Jules." I thought I'd help him by pointing out Pamela Anderson, who looks NOTHING like me, by the way. He said, "No...her...hair ...is too crazy." I'm pretty sure his eyes fixed on her huge breasts for a moment before flipping the page.

He leafed through for a while before saying, "Here's one! This looks just like you and my dad." It was a picture of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.

Sigh. Okay, future stepson is perfect.

Here's the pic he pointed out:

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